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Windows XP Performance Tweaking Guide

Alot of these tweaks can be done through various tweaking application but what kind of a guide would this be if I only pointed you to software? Also the only source to go to about services is

Gaming Tweak - Quickly stop services .bat file
Tracking Down Non-Microsoft Services
tracking down and removing Startup Programs

I posted a good overview of what you'll find in TuneXP right here.


The easiest way to take things off of your startup is by using a program called msconfig. To use this click start --> Run. Then type in msconfig. Uncheck everything you don't need during the startup.

You can also easily disable any services that you don't need through this handy application. Check the box that says hide all Microsoft services if you're interested in seeing what non MS services are currently on your system. You might be surprised... Only use MSconfig to do this for testing purposes.

There is a much more powerful application made specifically for service management. start -->run services.msc From there you can change more, but for simply turning them off msconfig does that.

To quickly turn off certain services temporarily to play games check this article out HERE.


I personally use Ad Aware. Making sure that you don't have spyware running around your system like crazy is a very important part of optimizing your system! It certainly doesn't hurt to scan with 2 or 3 different anti spyware programs. We've created a HijackThis! forum for people to post their logs for members of this site to look over closely and give you suggestions of what to keep and what to remove. You'll want to read this thread before posting.

Make sure that you've run ad aware and Spybot BOTH using the latest definitions possible.

Adaware guide:
Spybot Download:


Make sure you run an up to date virus scanner at least weekly to go over every file on your hard drive. If you notice some processes running with some very strange .exe names you'll want to check your startup because you most likely have a virus!

Written By: Martin Krohn
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