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Windows XP SP2 RC2 Preview

Automatic Updates

Immediately after installing you're brought to a screen that asks you if you want to enable automatic updates. There is no way to exit this screen without giving either a yes or no answer. This is GREAT. Now most of the normal users will stay up to date with security fixes. It downloads all of the latest security patches for me before I even realize another patch is needed! Previous versions just floated a little window suggesting you turn automatic updates on. I said yes to this. Right away it started downloading the updates it found. The last of these images is a look at the new windows update site since it's changed quite a bit from previous versions. Things like hiding updates are now available if you're sick of seeing an update that you KNOW you don't want to install (*cough* .net framework *cough*) IE's smart downloading with resume support will also work for updates.

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I'm not sure exactly how the automatic updates handle the driver updates, but I don't want it to every touch my drivers so I did some looking around and found in system properties --> hardware a box that says windows update. It was defaulted to ask, but I just completely turned it off!

Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 6-23-04
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