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IANAG Registry Backup & Restore Tool
The most requested feature for our security tweaking app has been a registry backup and restore tool. I've decided to develop this feature as a seperate application for now. We will have quite a few different registry tweaking apps so I decided it would be a good idea to keep the code for doing this in it's own file. Not to mention all of the hardcore tweakers that will continue to tweak by hand will want to use JUST this feature.

Depending on the specs of your system it may take several minutes to either back your registry up or restore it. Please be patient, or clean your registry or upgrade if its a problem.

You can download it from

Operating Systems Supported:
Windows XP (all)
Windows 2003 (all)

In the future win200 and win9x may or may not be supported.

* Saves the entire registry!
* Seperated into 5 different files, 1 for each rootkey class.
* Easily Imports those saved files!

New In V.2:
Files now saved in the same folder as this program.
Created Seperate buttons for XP and Win2k3. XP Home does not support the /y switch and 2k3 needs it to overwrite the backup files.


Written By: Martin Krohn
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