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Dual Power Supplies


A few days ago I was sitting here at my desk reading all the e-mails from all the readers concerned that I was gonna fry my power supply with my cigarette lighter modification. And I'm thinking (probably shouldn't do that, that's usually the beginning of a few days work!)  I still have the old power supply left over from an upgrade to my 350 watt sparkle. There has to be some way to fit an extra power supply into a mid case, hmm,..

WAIT, this is the disclaimer! I am not responsible if you stick a drill in your eye. I am not responsible if you cut your fingers off with a jigsaw. Its not my fault if you are electrocuted and it burns off all you body hair. I am not responsible if you burn your house down. This is electricity you are going to be playing with, its dangerous. This article is written as a novelty item only. I am not liable for anything you do. I am not an electrician, nor am I trained in electronics. I imply no expertise in these fields and may very well burn down my own house. That I will probably be held responsible for. Unless I can find someone else to blame!

Equipment List

  • One Old ATX PSU
  • Soldering Iron / Solder / Flux
  • Electrical Tape
  • Wire Cutters / Strippers
  • 2 Power Supply Power Cords
  • Chipboard ( For Template Material )
  • Razor Knife ( For Cutting Template )
  • Female Molex Connector
  • Drill / Bits
  • Metal File ( or Dremel with sanding drum attachment )
  • JigSaw / Metal Blades.  If you don't have a jigsaw this project can be done with just a dremel and some heavy duty cut-off wheels.  Just expect to bleed! Cutting wheels shatter and the fragments travel at a very high velocity.
  • Power Relay Switch ( Available at any decent car stereo installation shop for between 4 and 11 dollars )

Written By: Nutxo
Date: 3-27-04
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