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Dual Power Supplies

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You are probably asking yourself why I would go to so much trouble to keep this case. Its small. Also its a mid/full ATX. If you don't know what a mid/full is, count the drive bays. This old thing will hold 4 up top, and 5 down below. Not to mention, its small.

The first thing I noticed was really how limited the choices were. There was only one possible place, under my 3.5 inch drive bays. After thinking about it for a while I decided that I really didn't want a power cord hanging out the front of my case or heat blowing into the case from the power supply exhaust. The only thing I could think of to make this work the way I wanted it to would be to remove the power connector and the on/ off switch for the power supply, hard wire a power supply cord into the box, run it to the back of the machine. And then reconnect all the wires, restoring the original functionality of the switch and plug. This is how I did it.

Fist of all you need to isolate and cut the the green wire and one ground wire from the rest of the wires leading to your atx mobo connector, make sure they are at least 6 inches long from the back of the psu case, and cut them. All of the other wires are not needed for this. You can bundle them if you have room, I chose to cut and cap them. Inside the psu box you will find the backs of the power connectors, take note which are which, I left the voltage selector switch where it was. I don't think ill be traveling abroad with my machine any time soon. After removing the screws for the connectors pull the plugs out a little bit so you can cut the wires, leave enough room so you can reconnect them later.


You will need to measure how long the power cord from the back of the case to the power supply needs to be. Don't forget to add a few inches so it will reach in the psu box, also it doesn't hurt to add another few inches to be safe. The wire will be in the bottom of the case so it wont be in the way of anything after you are done. Cut the cable to the desired length and strip back the outer casing about an inch and a half (for inside the power supply) on one end, and 3/4 of an inch on the other end. It should look something like this.


Inside the power supply you should have 3 cut wires, I had green brown and blue. Inside my power cable I had green, blue and white. I substituted the white for brown and matched the other two colors. I suggest solder on this job. Twisting and tape just aren't safe. After you finish soldering tape up the connections really well. If you decided to cut and cap the extra wires it should look like this.

Written By: Nutxo
Date: 3-27-04
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