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MySQL Automated offsite backup
With a site like this one any data loss is VERY bad, so I've done quite a bit of work on automating my backup systems. The first step is of course created a rolling backup system on the server itself. I wrote "MySQL DB backup - Automated shell script" to cover that side of things. The next step is often overlooked. An off server backup is also just as important as the backup on the server itself. What happens if the hard drive straight up dies? Those backup files on the server won't help you at ALL!

This next step is to help show you what I've done to have my windows system automatically grab one of those backup files from the server to have what is known as an "offsite backup" Alot of other peoples instructions are to put FTP commands into that shell script which is run on your server, but how many of us have multiple dedicated servers? Not me! (yet) My solution to this problem is to take advantage of the FTP commands built into windows!

Step 1: DB Dumps

I just got done writing a guide to automated DB dumps here. You'll want to use that if you don't already have a system setup to automate your DB dumps. You'll also want to make sure that they're stored in a directory that you can FTP into. Otherwise you won't be able to follow this guide :(

Step 2: Create files:


Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 7-30-04
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