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MySQL Automated offsite backup
Step 3: backup.bat

right click on backup.bat and select edit. Replace E:\ftp.cmd with wherever you've placed the file. Insert the following into the file:

ftp -s:e:\ftp.cmd

Step 4: ftp.cmd

Right click on ftp.cmd and select edit. Insert the following (bold means customize):

get FILE.sql.gz

Step 5: Customize

SERVER will either be an IP or the domain name of the FTP address you're connecting to.
USER is the username needed to log into the FTP
PASS is the password required to log into the FTP
LOCATION may or may not be needed depending on the default path when you log in. Most people will need to change to the appropriate directory.
FILE is of course the name of the file you'd like to automatically download.

Step 6: Schedule It

Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Scheduled Tasks --> Add new task

Simply follow the wizard and you're done! On a site as massive as this one I only do weekly backups to my office system with daily backups on the server.

Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 7-30-04
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