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Socket A heatsink Installation guide

Proper Installation of a Socket A CPU

    We have all heard about the numerous deaths of socket a CPU's when they first came out.  Causes ranged from improper installation of the heatsink which then crushed the core and no use of thermal compound ( yes I know but it did happen!) or improper installation of CPU causing heat damage beyond repair.  We will take the time, with numerous pictures to show you the proper way to coat the heatink / cpu with thermal compound and the proper way to install a socket A heatsink.  It is vital that you use a heatsink designed (Copper base with 80mm fan suggested) to fit the socket a chipsets.  These heatsinks apply less pressure than the intel ones and if you use one designed for the flip chip intel cpu's you might crush your precious AMD core.

What You Need:
    Thermal Compound
    Rubbing Alcohol
    Lint-Free Cloth
    Razor Blade

Thermal Compound

    I personally use Artic Silver ( optimized for small contact areas ) but realistically the $1 US Radio Shack brand will work just as well.  Silicon based thermal compound or silver based thermal compound is what you need.  You will see maybe a 2C drop in temperature with Artic Silver but it's more on how you apply it than what kind you use that will lower temperatures.

Step 1:  First you will want to clean the CPU core with the Rubbing Alchohol and a lint free cloth

Step 2:  After it is clean you will want to put a dab of thermal compound on the corner.

Written By: Mickey
Date: 4-3-04
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