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Ad-Aware Help

We here at I Am Not A Geek like to hold peoples hands through steps that we're always telling people to do. Often times simply telling somebody to use application X doesn't help them quite enough. Frequently the default configuration of an application may not cover quite as much as it could with a little bit of tweaking. To make sure our readers are following the same steps that I use I'm going to go through this with you step by step to cover exactly what I do.

Ad-Aware is my personal favorite adware/spyware cleaner. Today I'm going to be taking a close look on exactly what people should be doing when we point them to using this product. I'm using Ad-Aware SE build 1.05 in this example so things may change slightly in future builds, but if anything major changes we'll update this guide.

If you'd like to download this program I suggest MajorGeeks's mirror simply because they're the opposite of us and have accepted being geeks.

When you first run the application you'll see something like this:

Click image for larger version

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Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 9-18-04
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