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Tweaking and Overclocking the HP Touchpad in WebOS

I purchased my touchpad completely with the intentions of putting android on it and never looking back at webOS but there's quite a bit to like in WebOS if you give it a chance and dig a little deeper there is actually quite a bit more it can do that is just hidden away. I went ahead and made this to show you some of the things I did with webOS. My touchpad is a toy and I plan on continually playing with it so I'll update this when I find some more things worth sharing with you.

The most important place to go for information that is specific to the HP Touchpad development scene is webosnation.

Downloads needed
1) WebOSDR
2) WebOS quick install

Putting your touchpad into development mode:
- Hit that up arrow in the bottom right
- Settings tab
- Device Info
- Select the device info in the top left
- Custom Application
- Enter ##3386633#
- Slide the slider to on
- DO NOT SET A PASSWORD! *you do still have to hit submit*

After that plug your touchpad into your computer and when it asks for the USB drive select close or charge only whatever it says that is NOT mounting a drive


Open up the webOS quick install you downloaded earlier and make sure your device is showing up.

----------------------------------------------- Skip this section if you dont want beta feeds!
BEFORE installing things like preware if you'd like to enable beta or alpha feeds you'll have to pull up the terminal window (tools --> linux commandline) and run a couple of commands.

mkdir -p /var/preferences/org.webosinternals.preware  
touch /var/preferences/org.webosinternals.preware/enable-beta-feeds

This link should always be the most up to date information you'll find:


Click that globe looking thing which will bring up a window like in the following screen shot:

Now you can use the search box and quickly install whatever you would like. I personally install preware using this then search for and install anything else I want straight from my touchpad.


Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 1-5-2012
Views: 679
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