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Tweaking and Overclocking the HP Touchpad in WebOS


With this you have two things to install.

1) Use the search box inside of preware or the box like the screen above and search for uberkernel and install it.
2) After uberkernel is installed next up is an app called govnah. Support on govnah can be found here.

To change your settings you select profile and I just went with the OnDemandTcl 1512 to bring my top speed up to 1.5ghz. The 1728 also works well for me but 1.5 is all I go with.

Uberkernel allows you do go to 1.7ghz but there is another kernel that goes above that but is not as tested problem free as uberkernel. 1.5ghz is where I go since its perfectly stable and has no affect on battery usage unless you're doing quite a bit that is CPU intensive. There is also a profile for 1.7Ghz available.


Performance Tweaking

There are a few basics that do a lot for you.

Free yourself from ads! They seriously slow down web browsing on a device like a tablet and on MANY sites there's still large ads that can really slow you down. For achieving this there are two different apps you can use in preware Ad blocker or max block can be used. You CANNOT use them both.

Remove the tap ripple that makes it look like you're touching water every time you touch your screen in webOS. This does look nice but if you're trying to get everything you can out of your system you might as well remove it. Some users have reported some problems in some apps with this. Open preware and just type in the search box ripple and it'll come right up.

Remove logging for this there are two different patches to install. WebOS for some reason logs an insane amount of data as you use the device. I'm a bit paranoid about logging so you know I like to turn everything possible off. The first one is the big one and is called muffle system logging which is without a doubt a big performance booster. The other is called remove dropped packet logging which mainly just helps improve your wifi speed. Both can be found by just typing in log in the search box inside of preware.

Remove logging settings by going back to that settings --> device info page from earlier and punching in custom application code ##logs# this time. First click clear logs then click change logging levels click set logging to minimal. I'm hoping somebody just adds a patch to do this in the apps in the previous step but after checking logging levels AFTER those patches this did in fact decrease the logging quite a bit more.

Speed up your downloads using unthrottle download manager which removes any limitation by the webOS itself on your download speeds. If you have very faster internet you will want to use this otherwise it doesn't really do much.

Make the cards move faster using faster card animations HYPER version. This isn't really a performance improvement but it certainly makes things FEEL faster and thats the most important thing really.



Quick forward and backward buttons using thumbnav controls. When you swipe your finger in from the right or left side of the screen you can go forward or backward in your web browser


Preference related

super touchy touch screen is called Buttah which is for anybody who thinks the "touch" part isn't sensitive enough. If you install this it'll pick up touches on the slightest little touches as in BEFORE you actually touch the screen. The kindle fire was doing this to me and it drove me nuts but some people like it. This patch smoothes out the scrolling too which is a nice part but if you only want the smooth scrolling the next patch is for you.

Smooth scrolling from mojo smooth scrolling does the smooth scrolling like the above patch only without the super touchiness. I dont believe you'll need them both.

Brightness tweaks reduce the minimum brightness is for people who use this tablet in bed all the time and think that the lowest brightness is still too bright. The other is called brightness unlinked which lets you change the brightness of the keyboard seperately from the screen brightness


Essential other stuff

Internalz Pro is a powerful file manager.
Enyo network drive mapper will let you mount things like samba shares as if it were actually inside your touchpad.

Touchplayer plays non HD videos of every format I tested. Unfortunately every 720p video I tossed at it was unwatchable. I'm sure its worth keeping an eye on this project if they ever get hardware acceleration functioning this should be quite nice. When you pair the network drive mapper with touchplayer you can watch videos that are on your PC or file server from your touchpad quite nicely.



1) Lack of a good/free HD media player. Touchplayer will play divx quality nicely but I'd like to get 720p actually working on this without paying the $7 for kalemsoft. With android working very well for me and I can play 720p over there for free I'm just not going to pay for something that I can have for free with a quick reboot.

2) Google music can only be used from a browser. Browser playback just isn't as good as the android app available for google music.

I've been going back and forth between webos and android quite a bit lately and I do in fact like them both for different things.

Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 1-5-2012
Views: 679
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