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Athlon XP 2600+ mobile overclocking results

Before I start getting into the results I will have to tell you that I could have gotten into windows, taken screenshots and tried to tell you I got my system here kind of thing but I am only telling you what is TRULY stable. This means running folding AND being used by me 12 hours a day. I also left it at that speed overnight to bring total error free up time to 24 hours. The folding program keeps the CPU at 100%. If you'd like more info on this project read here.

Also CPU-z reports the wrong CPU voltage on my Epox 8RDA. All temp readings are after being at 100% load for about an hour.

Test System:
400 watt generic power supply
2*512Mb Mushkin PC3200 2-2-2 (BH6)
Ti4200 128Mb
Epox 8RDA
Retail HSF

Notes about heat production:

Overclocked Watts = Default Watts * (Overclocked Mhz \ Default Mhz) * (Overclocked Vcore \ Default Vcore)?

The first thing I wanted to check out was what I could do with the default voltage. Default voltage on these mobile chips are 1.45v

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2.2Ghz crashed after about 20 minutes of use while backing the FSB down just a single Mhz provided the stability I was seeking. It's really not a bad thing to get a 10% overclock at default voltages. Considering this speed keeps the heat production so low this is probably the speed I'll leave it at.

This is the same speed the 3200+ ships at while running at a much lower voltage and costing $80 less. How's that for a cheap retail heatsink? 44C while maintain low noise.

Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 4-29-04
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