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USB Cigarette Lighter Mod

As soon as I got home I started searching the web for the page where I had seen the lighter mod. No luck. After about an hour I decided it couldn't be to difficult to figure out. One thing I would like to point out, should you decide to try this make sure you have a strong psu. I have no idea how much power the lighter draws. 

The first step was to cut the dongle, ouch! Cut it about an inch and a half back from the mobo connector, give yourself plenty of room for stripping and soldering. Also, please take note that the white wire is very, very thin. Be careful stripping it or you wont have a wire! There are 2 black wires in the USB dongle, one is attached to the shielding, I would assume the wire is a ground, please take note of which wire is which so as not to cross them when reattaching the wires.

Repeat the process with the telephone wire. I used 18 inches, cut in half to extend my dongle 9 inches. Enough to reach where it needed to go. You may need more or less depending on the size of your case and where the ports need to reach. Remember, measure twice, cut once. You don't want to be done with this and find out you're an inch short.

Solder the wires one by one. You will have an extra in the telephone wire, I just cut it off. I will not go to far into detail, if you cant figure this one out maybe you should try something else. :-) After you're all done with the soldering be sure to carefully tape and bundle your wires. Make sure no exposed wires are touching. Bundle them up, nice and clean. After you finish that you can bundle it all up to give it a cleaner look.

USB Modification

After the modification in length

Cleaner and ready to be used.

Written By: John Collard (nutxo)
Date: 3-8-04
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