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Free MP3 ripper! Using Windows Media Player
Media Player ripping to MP3 for FREE!

Anybody who's been to this site before will know how big a fan I am of free stuff and tweaking software. Today I'm going to show you what I use for ripping my audio CDs to the MP3 format. Since I'm showing you how to do it you know it won't cost ya anything Maybe it's cause I'm cheap.... Maybe it's cause I'm BROKE! This is one of those rare times that we can get away with something without paying and without having to do additional work!

My favorite audio player WinAmp also has a good CD ripping system and it'll only set you back $15. I've been using Winamp since my Pentium 200Mhz system WAY back in the day.

Disclaimer: What you do with this instructions can potentially break laws. It is up to YOU to do the research and figure out what is legal and what is not. I am only doing this as a backup purpose to my original CD. Things suck as sharing these files with friends can quite easily get you into trouble.

Most of the Free applications that so many people use to rip MP3's suck big time.

You have the 30 day trials
You have the speed limitations
You have the 5 step, combine tons of apps method.
You have the spyware infested JUNK!
often times several of these combined in the same package.

Yes I know Media Player 9 has a lot of spyware packed into it, but I'll be showing you how to remove the junk in the near future.

Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 6-7-04
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