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Windows XP SP2 Technical Preview

Windows XP SP2 should only be a few months away from public release. The more I use it the more I like it! On top of what I've found just by using it I read a lot of Microsoft's 200 page document and found some additional goodies that will kick in in the future. The only reason why I'm writing this today is because it seems like 100% of the coverage on this has been about the security center. Yes this is an important step for Microsoft, but I want to show you guys some of the extra stuff nobodies talked about yet.

This was not made to be your only stop for checking out the new stuff in SP2. To go on top of the obvious stuff that the other sites have covered I'll try to give you some extra info. This may have some pieces that are more technical than you want to read.

I've Posted the rest of my preview right here.

Builds 2126 and above will be using DX 9.0C. For a bit of extra information on this please go here.

Tablet PC Enhancements (AKA Windows XP Tablet PC Edition 2005)

  1. A new design for Tablet PC Input Panel, which opens and floats near where you are entering text.
  2. A redesigned Input Panel correction experience.
  3. Context-sensitive handwriting recognition (for example, URL and e-mail addresses).
  4. Improved handwriting recognition engines for all languages ? most notably the East Asian languages.
  5. A new lined input experience in the East Asian Input Panel

Service Pack 2 IS going to be the next release version of the windows tablet PC OS. Read here for more information.

Bluetooth support

Previously third party applications brought bluetooth support. Now Microsoft is offering it from them.

Windows Movie Maker 2.1

When you install SP2, Windows Movie Maker 2.1 is also installed on your computer. This version of Windows Movie Maker contains updates to Group Policy (for system administrators). It also includes fixes that help to improve the security of your system.

A New Power-Management Option

You will now have access to even more power related options! You can display or select the processor throttling policy as well as plenty of other items ;)

Hit start --> Run and type for some all available options. powercfg.exe /?

Increased National Language Support

When your computer is running Windows XP with SP2, the following locales and regions are supported that were not previously supported in Windows operating systems:

? Bengali (India)
? Croatian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
? Bosnian (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
? Serbian (Latin: Bosnia and Herzegovina)
? Serbian (Cyrillic: Bosnia and Herzegovina)
? Malayalam (India)
? Maori (New Zealand)
? Maltese (Malta)
? Quechua (Bolivia)
? Quechua (Ecuador)
? Quechua (Peru)
? Setswana / Tswana (South Africa)
? isiXhosa / Xhosa (South Africa)
? Sami, Inari (Finland)
? Sami, Lule (Norway)
? Sami, Lule (Sweden)
? Sami, Northern (Finland)
? Sami, Northern (Norway)
? Sami, Northern (Sweden)
? Sami, Skolt (Finland)
? Sami, Southern (Norway)
? Sami, Southern (Sweden)
? Welsh (United Kingdom)

Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 3-14-04
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