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Angry birds cheat videos for all of Danger Above (episode 3)

Angry birds is by far the most popular game on the planet with people playing it on their phones, tablets, consoles and anywhere else you can imagine! Some of the levels are truly freakin HARD. Whether you're only trying to figure out how to beat them or just trying to get the perfect score on it you'll want to watch some of these videos to help you out. I'm going to embed these videos so you can quickly watch them all without having to keep clicking back and forth.

Nobody out there struggles to complete the first episode. Do you actually have a perfect score on everything in episode 1? Thats actually not all that easy to do...

Angry Birds Poached eggs - Episode 1

Angry Birds Mighty Hoax - Episode 2

Angry Birds Danger Above - episode 3

Angry Birds The Big Setup - episode 4

Angry Birds Ham 'Em High - Episode 5



Levels 1-5

Levels 6-10

Levels 11-15



Levels 1-5

Levels 6-10

Levels 11-15


I'm sorry everybody but this is where things switch to singular levels at a time instead of videos with 5 at at ime.

Written By: Martin Krohn
Date: 1-5-2012
Views: 834
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